Nail + String Art | Pineapple
Nail + String Art | Pineapple

Nail + String Art | Pineapple

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Have you been looking for something to put on your wall but you really aren't sure? Now you can customize your very own Nail + String Art by following the 2 easy steps below:

Step 1 - Choose your Stain Color

Step 2 - That't it! Time to Get crafty!

Included:3 Boards, 2 Brackets, 8 Screws, Nails, Sandpaper, 1 Sawtooth Hanger, 1 Foam Brush, Stain, 1 Stencil Outline, 1 Graphite Paper, String, Tutorial

Not Included: Hammer, Phillips Screw Driver, Scissors, Pencil, Ruler, Blow Dryer

*string color may slightly vary in shade from what is pictured

Dimensions: ~12" x 15.5"