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Indigo Dye Kit

Looking for something to do outdoors with your friends & family? Our indigo Dye Kit is the perfect way to have a great time, get a little messy, and create beautiful works of art!

Kit Includes:  4 - natural 29” x 29” cotton tea-towels, pre-reduced indigo crystals, reducing agent, soda ash, rubber gloves, wood pieces, rubber bands, popsicle sticks, clothespins, tutorial 

Not Included: 5-gallon bucket (with lid or cover), warm water, stirring stick (paint stick), scissors, drying rack/rope, small tub/bowl, drop cloth (to protect your surface – indigo is very messy – recommended use outside or very well protected area), plastic wrap & rocks/marbles (if doing the white circle look), plastic tube & string (if doing the stripe look), other natural fiber items you want to dye!

**We show you how to create 12 different patterns so you can pick your favorites or order more towels to dye!

**One kit is good for about 5lbs of fabric

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