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Nail + String Art | Choose Your State

Have you been looking for something to put on your wall but you really aren't sure? Now you can create your very own Nail + String Art in the outline of the state of your choice! This is by far our most popular project and you'll soon know why! 

This kit comes with off-white string (for the state) and red string (for the heart) but you may add more string color options to your order for that custom look! 

Included: 1 Board, Nails, Sandpaper, Sawtooth Hanger, Foam Brush, Stain, Stencil Outline, Graphite Paper, Off-White Color String Spool, Heart String Skein, Tutorial

Not Included: Hammer, Scissors, Pencil, Ruler, Blow Dryer

*string color may slightly vary in shade from what is pictured

Dimensions: ~11" x 14"


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